Dance Faculties

Classes and exams are available in all faculties and are held on Monday and Wednesday after school and Saturday mornings for our youngest dancers.

Preschool Classes

Ballet and free movement classes help to introduce young children to the joy of dancing while developing flexibility, coordination, musicality and confidence.
Classes are available on Saturdays and during the week.


Ballet technique enhances all dance forms and encourages poise, grace, musicality and discipline.
Classes follow RAD and IDTA syllabi-grades, majors and medal tests.


Classes range from beginner to advanced level, for rhythm and technique, fitness and fun.
IDTA and ISTD syllabi.

Jazz, Modern and Freestyle

Classes for all ages and abilities from preschool to 18yrs.
Modern dance includes a variety of ever-evolving contemporary styles. It encourages coordination, flexibility and stamina in a lively upbeat setting.
IDTA syllabus.

Musical Theatre

A combination of singing, dance and drama to songs from the shows. Fun classes that promote confidence, performance skills and enjoyable group work.
Based on IDTA syllabus.


In the national dancing classses, the traditional dances of other countries are learnt. Students have the opportunity to explore the background to the dances and so learn about the music, culture and traditions of other countries in lively classes with lots of fun group work.
ISTD syllabus.


9.45-10.30: Adult Tap
4.00-4.30: Kelly
4.30-5.10: G1 tap / New G3 Tap
5.10-5.50: G3 Tap / G4 Tap
5.50-6.30: G3 Ballet / G4 Ballet
6.30-7.10: Unset / H & W
7.10-7.40: Pointe Work / Adv1 Tap
7.40-8.20: G5 Ballet / Adv1 Tap


7.00-8.00: Zumba
8.00-9.00: Adult Ballet


4.30-5.00: Prep Theatre Craft / Primary Theatre Craft / Grade 1 Theatre Craft
5.00-5.40: Freestyle 1 / Junior Freestyle (finishes at 5.30)
5.40-6.20: G1 Jazz / Primary Jazz / Eliza
6.20-7.00: Freestyle 2
7.00-7.40: G2  Jazz / G4 Jazz
7.40-8.20: Freestyle 3
8.00-8.45: Adult Tap
8.20-9.00: Adv1 Jazz


9.00-9.30: Rising Stars Tap / Prep Ballet
9.30-10.00: Prep Tap / Rising Stars Ballet
10.00-10.40: Primary Ballet / Pri Tap – see list
10.40-11.20: G1 Ballet / Pri Tap – see list below / G2 Ballet Birds
11.20-12.15: Acro
12.15-1.00: Grade 2 Ballet